Horrifying Images Which Show The Devastation In Syria After Bombings

The devastating, bloody conflict in Syria has raged on for more than half a decade.via

Humanity is not seen everywhere. Not among the terrorists and the In-humans for sure. Thousands of people are getting killed in Syria. Airstrikes along with shellings and the reported use of the chemical weapons have killed almost 580 Syrian civilians. Including the countless number of children and women, in just less than two weeks as reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The devastating, bloody conflict in Syria has raged on for more than half a decade.

On February 18, the Syrian government initialized attacks in the rebel-held eastern Ghouta. A suburb which is about 10 kilometers to the east of Syria’s capital city. Damascus that homes around 400,000 people.

children lay dead in syria

The attacks in the past week have been one of the most horrible in Syria’s seven-year war, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has reported.

Man with a child are seen in hospital in the besieged town of Douma, Eastern

Eastern Ghouta’s humanitarian situation is so terrible. It has caused global international condemnation. Along with the UN secretary-general António Guterres explaining the situation in it as “hell on earth.”


Why Is This Happening Now?

Syria war 2018 Guns on the head of a toddler during bombing

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government is trying to drive opposer fighters from the eastern Ghouta since the year 2013.

Father picks up his dead son in the attack

The area has avoided government control despite being covered and continuously bombarded for almost five years. Now, it appears that the Syrian government. And its Russian backers have determined to retake the territory at any cost.

Much like revolutionary eastern Aleppo in late 2016. Eastern Ghouta is all set to turn into a blood-soaked war region as Assad tries to bomb it into submission.

For 8 Days, Syria Felt More Like World War III

With Russia and Iran’s help, Assad has turned the war totally in his favor. Retaking key areas of the country from the rebels and Islamic State militants.

A series of chilling photographs were released today claiming to show evidence of chemical weapons

There are also reports that the Syrian government is also using chemical weapons. On Sunday, many people suffered from symptoms steady with exposure to the chlorine gas in eastern Ghouta. And one kid killed, as reported by Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

US blames Syrian government for airstrikes on hospital, UN calls attack catastrophic

A video which was circulated on social media networks in the aftermath of this attack. Showed a child’s corpse wrapped up in a blue cloth and many bare-chested men along with young boys in a struggle for breath. With some of them holding nebulizers to their mouths and noses.

The Syrian government has continuously denied using chemical weapons in the war which will soon enter its eighth year.


Ceasefire Not Working

Site of an airstrike in Syria

On this Saturday, the UN Security Council asked for a 30-day truce across Syria. But the ceasefire resolution did not stop and the bombing continued.

Russia then called for a five-hour daily humanitarian pause on the Tuesday in order to allow the civilians caught in the fighting to flee away from the attacked area.

But after a brief respite, the agreement subsided into renewed bombardment on Tuesday. Not even a single person inside the eastern Ghouta.

At least 200 dead in Syrian government airstrikes as the war ramps up

Moscow and Damascus blamed oppositions for the collapse of the lull on Tuesday. Saying fighters had pounded a safe route intended for the civilians to leave that enclave.

On Wednesday, the UN was trying to provide aid across rebel lines to the people of eastern Ghouta. But the UN humanitarian chief Mark Lowcock said that the area “has totally collapsed.”

Kid cries due to the pain

He said that unless all these changes, “We will see even more people dying out of starvation. And diseases than from the bombing and the attacks.”

These attacks and the condition in Syria depicts how inhuman the humans can get in order to achieve what they want. Whoever has lost their lives, may their souls rest in peace. All this does not end here, there are various countries where terrorist attacks are highest. Is your country on the list? May God save us all.