Have You Heard About The Ultra-Luxe Island Where Men Are Not Allowed?


If you’ve been dreaming of a only-women vacation, it’s here. SuperShe Island, off the coast of Finland and under 90 minutes from Helsinki, opens its women-only wellness retreat in June 2018. So if you’re a woman who needs a break from men for a while, you need to look no further than SuperShe Island – it’s being billed as a new island oasis off the coast of Finland where only women are allowed.

SuperShe Island view

The island sanctuary, which will be nestled off the coast of Finland in the Baltic Sea, was dreamt up by SuperShe founder Kristina Roth, who had taken several restorative vacations in Calabasas and Malibu, Calif., but left wanting for a space without men’s company. Kristina Roth “is on a mission to bring together badass women from around the world,” says her networking and lifestyle website, SuperShe.

The front view of the exotic house

Roth cleared that she enjoyed her mixed-gender vacations and has nothing against men, but she just felt that there was a need for a only women resort where women could relax and refill their batteries without getting distracted. Yoga, meditation, and cooking classes are a few activities women can look forward to at this exclusive destination, which is ready to later this year off the coast of Finland.

Women Taking Yoga Classes

How To Apply

SuperShe members get first dibs on booking a trip to the scenic island. But, the general public can also apply to attend. To apply, women must fill out an application with name, phone number, and why they are excited about the SuperShe Community. Eager applicants can also upload a video message as part of their applications. As of now, the cost for a trip to SuperShe is not announced. But we imagine a trip to male-free paradise would be expensive.

Photo Of One Of The Living Rooms From SuperShe Island

“Our goal is to create a utopia. A place where women can come together to care for themselves through fitness, nutrition, creativity nurturing and more,” Roth said. “The opening of our Finnish island will help us create a physical space. It will be open throughout the year for ladies to recharge.”

The whole sex-based segregation idea seems all wrong, to be honest. We’ll see how the public reacts when SuperShe Island opens in July. This will give the already female-centric world another thing to add to its list. Women nowadays have freedom to do anything that they desire. They are excelling in many fields and also creating revolutions in the world. But you cannot just mess with some women. Here is a list of most ruthless women in the world whom you dare not mess with.