Some Haunted Places In Australia Which Will Send Chills Down Your Spine


Paranormal activity is a topic that interests one and all; whether you’re a serious believer or an absolute skeptic. From a cottage smelling of burnt flesh to enumerable victims complaining of seeing a ghost; Australia has them all. These are the most haunted places in Australia.


1. Curse Of The Devil’s Pool

Curse Of The Devil’s Pool- Babinda

It’s a beautiful natural swimming pool a little far away from north Queensland. According to ancient tales, a woman had committed suicide here after she was separated from the love of her life. Since then, her ghost has been haunting the area. It’s rumored that it attracts men to the deadly pool and kills them. This place has claimed over 17 lives and all of them are suspicious, men. Scary, isn’t it?


2. The Princess Theatre

The Princess Theatre- Melbourne

A performer died in this theatre during a performance and it has been said to be haunted since then. In March 1888, Federici was just about to hit a high note while descending on the stage and he suffered a heart attack and died. A helper witnessed the incident and was there with him at his final moment. Later, when the other performers heard of his death, they swore that he has been on stage after the final curtain drop and basked in the standing ovation. It’s a very creepy story indeed. Even today, the front row is reserved for his ghost for all performances.


3. The Ghost Town Of Picton

The Ghost Town Of Picton

This town is haunted by its past. It has a tunnel, with a lot of history behind it. Many residents died there accidentally or by suicide, then the tunnel was used to store ammunition and poisonous gas spray tanks during the World War II. The most spoken tale about the town is the story of Emily. She was walking through the tunnel at night and she died in a terrible train accident. Ever since then, the ghost of Emily has been lurking in the tunnel. Abnormal things like sudden cold winds, screams, and light are seen near the tunnel.


4. Boggo Road Jail

Boggo Road Jail- Queensland

Back in the days, this jail was home to some of the worst criminals; it even had an execution chamber. It even accommodated the execution of Ellen Thomas, the only ever woman of Queensland to be hanged. Having a long and dark history, Boggo sure has a long list of ghost tales surrounding it. It’s been reported that many strange screams and noises have been heard and seeing ghostly figures standing in abandoned hallways.


5. National Film and Sound Archive

National Film and Sound Archive- Canberra

The building housed the Australian Institute of Anatomy once. Human body parts were preserved there for research purposes. This architecture gets its title of the most haunted place, due to its direct connection with the death. Hundreds of bodies that were once kept here, is believed to have imparted their spirit to haunt the place even today. As per reports, strange noises and whispers are heard in the hallways and the corridor downstairs houses some major paranormal activity.


6. Monte Cristo Homestead

Most Haunted House: Monte Cristo Homestead

This is believed to be the most haunted house in Australia. The sinister tales include a pregnant woman who was pushed the balcony, a baby girl who was thrown down the stairs and a boy who was burnt to death as he slept. The house has been very haunted since then. It houses eerie and paranormal activities that are hard to imagine. One of the most haunted places in Australia.


7. The Fremantle Arts Centre

The Fremantle Arts Centre

The building first opened as the Fremantle Lunatic Asylum in 1864. The spookiest ghost is said to be a lady who was admitted to the asylum after failing to deal with the loss of her red-headed daughter. She jumped out a window and gave her life. Now visitors report of apparitions, moving lights, strange feelings, and whispers. Red-headed tourists feel hair-pulling as the ghost continues to search for her lost daughter.


8. Adelaide Arcade

Adelaide Arcade- Spooky shopping center

It’s Australia’s oldest shopping arcade with a deadly past. The ghost is a caretaker who died in a terrible way when he fell into an electrical generator. Traders say that they feel his presence all the time and its like he’s still keeping an eye on things.


9. Beechworth Asylum

Beechworth Asylum

3,000 patients admitted at the asylum died over the years the hospital was active. Something Children are found laughing and strange women figures, who look similar to former patients and employees, standing in unusual spots.


10. Anglican Parish of Mulgoa

Anglican Parish of Mulgoa

Two twin brothers burned to death when they tried to prank a church. Rumors say that the ghosts of the twins still roam the church and get angry whenever they are near a fire.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a solemn believer or a skeptic, it’s always advisable to practice caution in places as such. You won’t know what lies in the corner.  Our brains must be really stressed out reading about these haunted places. Soothe yourself with a list of monasteries to visit when you go on a trip to Ladakh.

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