These Are The Five Reasons Why Indians Love Cricket

Indians Love Cricketvia

As the cricket mania returns to cheer up the Indian fans, we begin to wonder why millions of people go crazy after this colonial sport. From streets to offices, every place becomes a cricket pitch while every single soul becomes an expert on cricket. One thing is for sure, Indians bleed cricket in their blood. They have cricket flowing in every single vein in their body. From Gully cricket to the World Cup, we breathe cricket.

In this blog, we will ‘try’ to decipher why Indians love cricket so much.


1. Cricket Is Full Of Drama, Just Like Indians

Cricket World Cup

What could be another sport that has as much drama as cricket does? We are Indians and we cannot hide our penchant for drama. Thus, we are naturally drawn to cricket. When Dhoni takes DRS or when Kohli is looking up at third umpire for the verdict, every single soul sitting in front of their television boxes bite their nails. The ones in the pavilion almost skip a couple of beats. Sachin’s century, Dhoni’s catches, Murali’s spin, every ounce of cricket speaks of drama. Hence, drama ultimately finds drama.


2. Indian Cricket Team Includes Some Of The Best Players In The World

Virat Kohli Highest Paid Athletes

It’s so hard not to love cricket when so many of the world’s top-ranking players play for your team. Indian cricket team has always been everything but average. While the 1983’s winning squad included Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, Ravi Shastri, etc., the 2011 team lineup had MS Dhoni, Virender Sehwag, Sachin Tendulkar, Gautam Gambhir, Harbhajan Singh, lifting the winning trophy. And not to forget, Virat Kohli who tops the ICC ranking for both ODI and Test Batsmen in the world.


3. Money

Indians Love Cricket

The most important part is the money. There’s a lot of money invested in cricket so the sponsors make sure that the sport reaches every nook and corner of this country. Cricket is easily translated into money; including betting and online games like sportsbook with 10cric India. There are many websites like Sportsbook which can earn you some good bucks if you have excellent prediction skills.


4. You Get An Entire Day To Enjoy A Match

Indians Love Cricket

While other sports lack the pleasure of watching the match being glued to the couch for hours, cricket is the most time-taking game. You can call in sick at work and enjoy an entire day off at home doing absolutely nothing. Plus cricket gives you multiple reasons to ditch that boring gathering you were trying to avoid. It’s the best remedy for the introverts to enjoy some alone time with a cup of coffee.


5. Cricket Gives Us An Opportunity To Spend Time With Our Family

Indians Love Cricket

Remember the last time you sat doing nothing with your family or close friends? Cricket brings that opportunity to you. It gives you an excuse to drop down all the party plans, slip into those comfy pajamas and enjoy a cricket match with your family. Plus, it doesn’t cost you anything; just a couple of sodas and pizzas. There are a lot of emotions involved not only while playing cricket but also while watching it. You cry when your favorite player gets out on 99 when your team couldn’t chase a target. You laugh when your team lifts the trophy with their eyes gleaming with tears of happiness.

Since India’s love for cricket knows no bounds, Indian cricketers are also of great proficiency. Every Indian is proud to have a team full of such perfectionists in this game.

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