Choose Your Favorite Color And It Will Reveal Your True Personality

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Just the way your zodiac sign reveals your personality, so do the colors you love. What’s better? You don’t control when you are born and so, you may find these zodiac stories cock and bull. But with colors, they are your conscious choice and hence, they can tell a great deal about you. So, pick your favorite color of these 10 colors and we will tell you what it reveals about you.


1. Orange

Orange Color

If orange is your color, the one word that describes you best is – a social butterfly. You are a twin soul to the ones who chose color yellow, so your traits are quite similar to them. You are a thrill-seeker, energetic and live in the moment. This gets you a lot of friends. However, you may also harbor certain secrets and like to hide your pain from others.


2. Blue

Blue Color

If you chose the blue color, the one word that describes you best is – enterprising. You are headstrong and have strong work ethics. You don’t find it hard to voice your opinion. Otherwise, you are quite persistent and can teach others.


3. Red

Red Color

If you chose the red color, the one word that describes you best is – exploration. You are an intellectual at heart and don’t like people who are shallow. Also You love starting on new projects, traveling and are a loyal friend. While You love to explore different people and cultures as this stimulates your inner free self.


4. Black

Black Color

If you chose black color, the one word that describes you best is – leader. You are born to rule and speak your mind. This can make you appear bossy and opinionated at times but that’s fine because you are a very generous soul who has a big heart. You have a very critical and practical approach to life, making you good analyzers at your work front.


5. White

White Color

If you chose the white color, the one word that describes you best is secretive. You decide your own path and are highly independent and fearless, sometimes to the point of carelessness. You may not take into account the repercussions of your actions and are unstoppable. But, this makes you really strong, passionate and a force to reckon with.


6. Yellow

Yellow Color

If you chose the yellow color, the one word that describes you best is – caring. You are very sensitive and soft-spoken, qualities for which you are really admired. Your creativity knows no bounds and you know how to bring your thoughts into actions. You are a future-oriented and well-planned person. However, you can be a bit shy at times and may not express everything that goes inside you, which can be a lot.


7. Pink

Pink Color

If you chose the pink color, the one word that describes you best is – balance. You love to keep your life balanced from all sides. And You stay optimistic and hate confrontations, maintain good friends and love stability in all areas of your life. Also You have a charming personality, and love being around people but at the same time are fiercely independent. Thus you do not want the society’s stereotypes to define you and are a free spirit at heart.


8. Brown

Brown Color

If brown is your color, the one word that describes you best is – a perfectionist. You have really high ideals of others as well as of yourself. You have a lot of expectations from others but this may lead to disappointments in your life. In fact, this can make you hold grudges and stay stubborn.


9. Green

Green Color

If you chose green you are – adventure. You are an adrenaline-rush seeker and seek thrill all your life. However, you can act a but prideful at times and this can make you fight with people. You are generous, free-spirited and entertaining. However, you can also be restless and always on the go.


10. Grey

Grey Color

If grey is your color, the one word that describes you best is – introspection. You are really creative but are a being of the head. And you are so talented that you can make masterpieces but in your mind. Also you are a quiet soul who likes her alone time the most. This makes it very probable for you to choose art to express yourself.

So which color do you belong to? Whatever it may be your personality can only be decided by you. So believe in yourself and you can do wonders. But if you want to continue taking quizzes like this just for fun then here is another color preception quiz to decide your personality.