Some Amazing Facts Everyone Should Know About Lord Bahubali

Some Amazing Facts Everyone Should Know About Lord Bahubali

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We have seen how the wonderful creation of S.S. Rajamouli "Baahubali" has rocked the box office everywhere in the world and the show still continues. But, after the reel Baahubali, one should know about the Lord Bahubali. "Bahubali" in literary senses means a man with very strong arms. The title of the biggest Indian movie was inspired by the name of a prestigious figure from Jainism; son of Jain's first Teerthankar Lord Aadinath and younger brother of Bharat Chakravarti.


Following are the few amazing facts about this eminent figure: 

1. Bahubali was one of the 100 sons of Rishabhanatha and Sunanada of Ikshvakshu dynasty, which was a part of Ayodhya. He was said to be an intellect & highly intelligent, who have excelled in the study of archery, medicines, floriculture. Also, he had a deep understanding about precious gems. He had a son named Somakirti. 

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2. Bahubali received the kingdom of Asmaka in South India when his father distributed his complete kingdom among his 100 sons at the time of becoming a monk. While his eldest brother was given the kingdom of Vinita(Ayodhya). Podanapur was the capital of Asmaka.     


3. Out of all the 99 brothers beside Bharata, Bahubali was only one who refused to submit his kingdom to him. All the 98 brothers submitted their kingdoms to Bharata when he returned after winning 6 divisions of earth in all directions. He was being called 'Digvijaya'. All of them followed their father's footstep and became monks. Bahubali possessed incredible strength and sturdiness, he challenged Bharata to fight. Thereafter, they had a fight which was won by him over his elder brother, Bharat Chakravarti. 

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4. As soon as the fight got over, Bahubali felt disgusted about this seamless world and thrived for renunciation. Soon, he also followed his father's path of self-discovery and abandoned his clothes. He left his kingdom to become a digambara monk. He then started to meditate with a great resolve for the attainment of omniscience (Keval Jnana). His dedication was always at the peak. 

5. Bahubali meditated motionless for one year in a standing posture (Kayotsarga) and during this time, climbing plants grew around his legs. But, he was so dedicated that he continued meditating without minding ants, vines, and dust that has enveloped his body.  

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6. Bahubali destroyed the four kinds of inimical karmas inside him, including the knowledge concealing karma. Then, it happens that he attained omniscience (Kevala Jnana). By now, he was admired as an omniscient being (Kevali). He finally attained ultimate freedom(Moksha) when his brother joined him along. And then, at last, he became a pure and liberated spirit (Siddha).

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7. A colossal momentum of Bahubali is located at Shravanbelagola, which is located at 158 KMs from Banglore. This statue was carved from a single block of granite, precisely it was cut out of a granite cliff. It is one of largest free-standing statues in this world. It was built in around 981 A.D. One interesting fact about this statue is that there falls no shadow of this 57-foot gigantic statue. 

There are various tall standing statues of him in India situated in places like Karkala, Dharmastala, Venur, Gommatgiri, Kumbhoj, and Arthipura. There are various religious places where every Jain should visit.

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