These Are Some Of The Lesser Known Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo

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6. Pride Of Portugal

Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is the all-time top scorer of Portugal’s national team with 79 goals scored in 147 games. Cristiano debuted for the national team in 2002 at the tender age of 17 against Inter Milan.


7. Correct Use Of Head & Feet

Being one of the best in the aerial games, Cristiano has scored 107 goals with his head out of which 65 goals were scored while in Real Madrid FC. At the same time, he has scored 53 goals via direct free-kicks out of which 33 of them were scored with Real Madrid.


8. Wasn’t Always Number 7

Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano has seen four different jersey numbers until now. He has seen different numbers during different phases of his career. Ronaldo started with 28 while he was in Sporting Lisbon, then he was numbered 17 and 9 while in Manchester United and then the famous number 7 has a responsibility to keep up with the success and progress a football legend who too was numbered 7 before Cristiano.


9. Lucky Chair

All of us have witnessed Cristiano’s aggression on the pitch. What if I say he was the same before fame too! Once in his school days when he was 14 years old, he threw a chair on his teacher who made fun of his accent and was expelled from the school for doing so. It was then when his mother told him to concentrate completely on soccer and the rest is history.


10. Man With A Big Heart

Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo

Despite being one of the most popular people on earth, Cristiano was never seen getting carried away with fame. A lot of charity work comes through him. He had even hired 3 airplanes to spray water on burning Amazon forest. Even when Kerala was terrorized by floods & tsunami, this man took no long to donate a remarkable sum of money. Even during the COVID 19 pandemic, he donated huge sums of money while turning his hotels and resorts into hospitals for the sake of people facing problems due to lack of medication.

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