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Most Extravagant Gifts For The Perfect Valentine’s Day

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Thinking of what to buy your loved one for Valentine’s day can be a difficult task. How do you pick a gift that shows them exactly how much you care? It can prove quite stressful for most of us and that doesn’t exclude the rich and famous. What does one buy for a significant other who already has it all?

Should you have a winning lottery ticket in your pocket and you’re struggling for Valentine’s day gifts, or you’re just interested to see how the other half treat their significant other than take a look at our pick of the most lavish gifts (a lot of) money can.


1. Your Own Island

Expensive Valentine's Gifts

Splashing out on an island seems like a dream that would never come true to most of us, but in the celebrity world, this is not so rare. So never mind taking your other half on a romantic holiday for the 14th February; buy them the whole, sunny island instead!

This wouldn’t only be a hugely, generous gift, but also an investment for the future. Take this island up for sale off the coast of Phuket — for a mere $160,000,000 (£127,164,800), Rangyai Island would make the perfect romantic gesture. It’s popular with tourists and comes with fresh water, electricity, and a mobile signal for those all-important Instagram moments. The beautiful beaches and gorgeous forests are a hit with tourists and mean this island is a prime area for development projects.

As amazing as owning your own island may sound, neither you nor your partner might want to commit to such a purchase which would be lifelong. In that instance, why not book a whole island for your own private use for a few nights? No tourists, no other guests, just you and your love and a whole island to yourself. Prices start at $2,950 (£2344.60) for two people per night on Gladden Private Island. For your money, you’ll get all your meals included and prepared by a gourmet chef, all premium wines and beverages, all activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, spa treatments, mainland excursions, and transfers to and from Belize City.


2. A Private Jet

Expensive Valentine's Day

It is very likely that if you are a billionaire then you will already own your own private aircraft of some sort. It’s a classic image and one that a big enough bank account can bring to the love of their life this Valentine’s day.

However, if you are really trying to impress your partner and want to make a grand gesture of love, then why not go for a 2015 Boeing 787-8 available from The Billionaire Shop, costing €260,793,700 (£235,457,592). Or, if your Valentine only needs a small private jet, there’s the Embraer Phenom 100 for €2,850,000 (£2,573,122.50). With an interior designed by BMW Group Designworks USA, customizable seating options, reclining leather seats, and a laptop port, you’ll be flying to your Valentine’s dinner in style.


3. A Piece Of History

Valentine's Day

If your partner appreciates history then you could always go for antique George V English sterling silver. With a £59,950 price tag, this pair of stunning sterling silver centerpieces currently in the expert care of AC Silver will be sure to show your love that they are the centerpiece of your life. Plus, it will no doubt look right at home in a plush household setting.

Even with plenty going spare, a billionaire doesn’t want to throw away their money away. So an antique silver gift is perfect, you’re investing in something that will continue to be worth a pretty penny in the future. Sadly, by comparison, the aforementioned orchid will wither eventually.


4. The Contents Of A Florist

Expensive Valentine's Gifts

Flowers for Valentine’s day? Easy answer and will always go down a treat. But this can still sometimes prove a hard decision as you won’t always know their favorite or least favorite flower. You could always take a leaf out of Justin Bieber’s book — when presented with the same conundrum upon shopping for Valentine’s gift for his then-girlfriend Selena Gomez, the singer spent $2,000 buying out a florist’s entire stock. The flowers reportedly had to be delivered in truckloads.

You could play it safe with roses or tulips, but if you want your gift to stand out, you could opt for a Rotchschild’s orchid. At $5,000 (£3,973.90) per plant, the rare plant takes many years to bloom.  Its stunning horizontal petals are sure to bring awe!


5. A Greenhouse Of Silver

Expensive Valentine's Day Gifts

If you listen to your partner and pay attention, then you are bound to know what their hobbies are. Taking an interest in these hobbies shows you care and that you find different facets of their personality interesting. Therefore, buying gifts to do with your partner’s hobbies is often a safe bet for a well-received gift.

Bearing this in mind for Valentine’s gift is sure to go down well. For example, if your other half enjoys growing their own fruit and vegetables and spending time in the garden, they’re sure to love some bespoke gardening tools. Of course, if you’ve got the cash to flash, Tiffany artisans are on hand to make your romantic gesture gleam with this sterling silver watering can for $35,000 (£27,817). Wrought in copper and silver and crafted by Tiffany artisans, this limited-edition piece is sure to up any gardener’s hobby time.

Of course, for those of us still working to seek our fortunes, there’s still time to drop a few hints and to get saving, isn’t there?

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