11-Year Old Girl Found Dead In Surat, Reports Claim Rape For 8 Days

Surat 11 Year Old Girl Rapedvia

Rape cases are increasing in India. Not just with women or girls, rape cases of girl children are also coming up. The police recovered the body of an 11-year-old girl from the Surat Cricket Ground. 86 injuries were found on the body, serious injuries were found in private parts too. According to the news agency ANI, it has been confirmed in the postmortem which lasted for about 5 hours that the girl was raped and tortured. The identity of the child has not been done yet and no one has claimed her body.


Details Of The Incident

Surat dead body

Police found the body of the girl on 6th April. The Postmortem report that found that for about 8 days the girl was raped and tortured. This led to her death. Forensic head Ganesh Govekar of Civil Hospital said, “There were 86 scars on the body of the child, injuries and suffered wounds in her private parts also. Samples have been sent to the forensic lab to ensure that whether she was given drug paralysis or not. “

Police inspector MV Haley said, “Even after 8 days of the incident, the identity of the child’s parents has not been ascertained, we feel that the girl’s murder was done somewhere and her body was thrown here”. Police Control Room posted a picture of her in order to identify her. Also, a case has been registered under the Rap e and Pocso Act. The person giving information about the child or her family will get a reward of 20 thousand. 100 pamphlets have been pasted. Social media’s help is also being taken. Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh have also been contacted, and the vicious suspected criminals are also being questioned.


Another Rape Case

Surat rape case

Recently, the nation was protesting again the Kathua Rape case. An 8-year old girl of minority Bakarwal community was gang-raped in the temple. She was gang-raped for several days and then killed brutally. 8 people, including Sanjhi Ram, a 60-year-old temple service worker in the village, are accused. Everyone have been arrested.

Even Congress President Rahul Gandhi organized a candle march in the midnight on India Gate. A large number of Congress leaders, workers and common people including Priyanka Vadra, Robert Vadra were also present there. PM Narendra Modi also spoke about this incident on Saturday said that no criminal will escape, justice will be done and complete. The celebrities and common people also launched a campaign on social media #JusticeForOurChild – Read about the details the campaign.