These Are The Countries With The Best Interest Rates Compared To India


What do you think is harder than earning money? Well, it is actually harder while saving it! Some people leave this job to the banks where they make regular deposits and save their hard earned money. To take full advantage of his/her savings, one expects high-interest rates from the bank.

In India, people don’t like to invest in banks since the interest rates are a mere 6% which is very low. They opt for other investment ideas and businesses even though they are risky in order to earn more. But for people who don’t want to take that risk but have enough to settle anywhere, then below is the list of countries that provide excellent interest rates for the money with their banks.


10. Iran

Iran Bank

Banks in Iran provide an amazing Interest i.e. at least 3 times more than rates in India. Yes! A whopping 18%.


9. Angola


Angola is similar to Iran as far as interest rates are concerned. Banks in Angola also provide an interest rate of 18%.


8. Egypt

High Interest Rates

Egypt is even better and banks here give their customers and interest rates of 18.75%.


7. Mozambique


You may not have heard the name of this country but the banks here provide an interest rate as stunning as 19.5%.


6. Haiti


Another not so popular country but the banks here provide an interest rate of huge 20%.