How Much Cooler Do Windshield Sun Shades Really Keep Your Car?

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Can sun shades offer many benefits at a low price point. The sun’s rays not only heat up your interior but fade your dashboard and upholstery and damage your electronics. Custom fit car window shades keep your passengers more comfortable and protect the interior of your car. Windshield sun shades can reduce the temperature inside your car by up to 40 degrees. Understanding how sun shades work can help you make the right choice.


How Do Windshield Sun Shades Work?

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The light from the sun gets into your car’s interior when it sits outside, even in the shade. As the light is absorbed by your car, it turns into heat without any way to escape. Car sun shades sun shades work in two ways. First, the material of the sun shades reflects the light of the sun to prevent it from being absorbed by your car’s interior. Second, the sunshade may absorb the light that isn’t reflected. This also prevents the light from heating your car.  Sun shades work easier than truck covers, but don’t offer as much protection from other factors.


How To Install Car Sun Shades

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Using the car shades correctly is key to keeping your car cool. Most sunshades are black on one side, with reflective material on the other. You want the reflective coating to be facing out. Unless the directions of the car sun shade say otherwise, the black side of the shade goes toward the inside. When buying a car sun shade, get one that fits your window well, because the less light that comes into your car, the cooler it will be.


Best Windshield Sun Shades For Summer

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There are three basic types of sun shades. Standard sun shades are the most budget-friendly type that you’ll find almost anywhere you can get automotive products. They do work well, but these sun shades can be cumbersome and hard to keep in place. Some have suction cups that keep them in place. Another problem many car owners find is that these sun shades don’t store easily.

Collapsible sun shades tend to be more expensive than standard models, but they look nice and fold away for easy storage. You’ll find these sun shades in most automotive stores. The downside with collapsible shades is the fit. Even those that say the universal fit isn’t really a good fit for some models.

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Retractable sun shades are designed to be a semi-permanent fixture. You install the sun shade to the side of the windshield via suction cups. When you want to use the sun shade, you slide it across the windshield and attach it to the other side. These sun shades have a one-hand operation and can be trimmed to fit your vehicle. They’re a bit pricey, compared to the other models. But there’s no storage problem and they’re easy to operate.

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