These Classic Indian Comic Books Made Our Childhood Less Boring!

Classic Indian Comic Booksvia

Kids from 90’s have different things to get themselves engaged rather than PS3 and other video games. They use to enjoy playing outdoor games. Most of them loved to read comic books. We bet you still have these comic books stored somewhere in your house. These comics have made our childhood the most memorable part of our lives! We still would love to read them again and relive our memories!


1.  Tinkle

Tinkle Comic

Tinkle is India’s most loved comic book of all time. From Suppandi to Shikari Shambu, all the characters are amusing, and charming in their own ways.


2. Chacha Chaudhary

Classic Indian Comic chacha chaudhari

Chacha Chaudhary is frail but an intelligent old man, whose “brain works faster than a computer.” He is always fighting against corrupt government officials, tricksters, roadside bullies, and local thugs alongside Sabu.


3. Tenali Rama

Tenali rama Comic

Tenali Raman had a solution to every problem that emerged in King Krishnadevaraya’s kingdom. Kids and adults alike loved his remarkable wit, brilliance, and wisdom.


4. Champak


Short stories, comic strips, puzzles, brain teasers, jokes, facts, writing contests— Champak has it all.


5. Panchatantra


Panchatantra is a series of fables featuring mostly animals as lead characters, where every story comes with a moral to live by.

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