Chennai Based Software Company Gives Employees BMW Cars As Reward For Their Loyalty

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It is natural to explore better opportunities for career growth. Millions of employees in the world leave their organizations in search of better opportunities. In a world, full of competition, loyalty is rare. When you find loyalty, it should be rewarded. A CEO of a Chennai-based software company Kissflow Inc has rewarded its employees for their loyalty. He has gifted five of his employees BMW cars worth over INR 1 crore each for their loyalty to the company.

The car rewarding ceremony was kept a secret. Some of the five recipients were informed just hours before the event that they are going to be the proud owners of expensive luxurious cars. Suresh Sambandam, CEO of Kissflow Inc told PTI that five employees have been with the company Kissflow Inc right from its beginning. They helped the company ‘dig gold’ during the pandemic.



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He further added some of the employees came from humble backgrounds and had faced significant challenges prior to joining the company. The company has faced many roadblocks when it tried to navigate the tough business environment. Some of the investors even raised doubts about the smooth functioning of the company during pandemic times. He added,

“There were difficult times. Even during the pandemic, the investors were not sure whether this company will sustain and build a future. Today we are very happy that we have paid back the investors and now it has become a fully owned privately held company.”


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On Friday, the car giving ceremony was held. Many employees were puzzled as to what is it all about. With much surprise, the five BMW 530d cars rolled in one by one. They were lined up parallelly along with the respective families of the five employees. Suresh Sambandam also mentioned that it is an inspiration for all the other employees to work hard.

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