What To Look For When You’re Buying A New Smartphone

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It’s safe to say that our smartphones are a necessary accessory and inseparable part of our modern lives. In a world of smart wearables, smart lights, smart speakers, and smartwatches our smartphone is still our most important gadget. We rely on our smartphones to capture our selfies, boost our social media presence, find the nearest Café, or play our favorite games.

Hence, the stakes are high, when you need to buy your next smartphone, not to mention the fact you’ll be probably living with the one you’ve bought for at least a year. Based on the hottest new trends and current smartphone features, we have made a guide to help you find your next best smartphone.


iOS Or Android


You’ll be happy to know that both operating systems are excellent, but they still have some important differences that you should consider based on your preferences. If you like something more affordable, then you’ll have more choices with Android devices. You can spend as little or as much as you want, and you’ll easily find something for your budget. On the other hand, Apple has always been at the pricier side, especially with iPhone X of $1000.

In terms of apps, iOS is seen as a more lucrative platform for developers and new apps tend to appear there first, but keep in mind that Android’s market continues to grow especially outside the USA. Although there are more free apps available on the Play Store than the App Store, the best mobile games still land on iOS first.


Smartphones For Gamers

With that being said, when you like playing games, especially online games of chance like roulette for real money, then you’ll want to consider the following features when buying a smartphone for gaming: screen size, processor, storage and battery life.

Most phone-makers nowadays tend to make bigger screen smartphones that fit comfortably in one hand. For gamers, this is an important feature and you can also take advantage of the multiwindow mode in Android devices.

Regarding processor performance, most mid-range smartphones have good processors, but that and internal storage can be the deciding factor when buying phones for gaming. It’s important to look for storage of at least 32 GB and smartphone with a Snapdragon processor for Android or A11Bionic for iPhone.

Games of Chance: Online Web Portal With Jackpot Games

Smartphones have helped the gambling industry to reach massive numbers of players, and most of them play on handheld devices. Online casinos with their games on mobile casino apps, web-based casino apps and online web portals with jackpots games, have invested a lot in gambling software providers, so their games can be compatible with most digital devices.

You should also consider the criteria we mentioned earlier, and keep in mind that you’ll be playing for money, therefore security and timely system upgrades are also important for your choice.


Smartphones For Photographers And Video – Editors


Nowadays, smartphones tend to be used as a video camera for taking photos, making videos, editing stories, etc. In case you want to become a vlogger or you just enjoy taking photos and videos, then the following features could be important to you: camera quality, battery life, and water/dust resistance.

When choosing a smartphone based on the camera quality, you need to take into consideration the camera’s megapixel count, low- light performance, noise reduction, ISO, and brightness. Most smartphones have rear-facing and front-facing cameras and support third-party add-ons such as lens attachment. If you like to edit videos right on your phone, iPhones are known for their high-quality camera and simple video-editing app.

Battery life is measured in mAh, look for something between 2500 mAh for phones with smaller 4.5-inch screens and 3000 mAh and higher for a phone with 5.5-inch screens. If you don’t want to be constrained by weather conditions for taking your photos and videos, then you need to look for the IP67 or IP68 certification. That means your device can survive swimming, for instance.

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