Bomja Village In Arunachal Pradesh Has Become One Of The Richest Villages In Asia

In This Village, Each Family Is Crorepati

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The Bomja village in Arunachal Pradesh has become one of the richest villages in Asia. Here, each family is Crorepati. The village was not that much rich right from the beginning. Likewise, most of the rural areas the people living in the village was not that much rich. Moreover, the village did not even have the basic facilities. The villagers had to struggle for their living.


The Bomja Village Was Acquired By Army

Bomja Village

However, they had big lands that pay them back. Located in the Twang district of Arunachal Pradesh, the village was required for making a new unit of Army Twang Gairsain. Hence, the Indian army bought the land from the villages and they pay a huge sum to buy the land.


Each Family Received More Than Rs 1 Crore

Bomja Village

According to the sources, each family received more than Rs 1crore. The village is the residence for 31 families. For all the land, the Defense Ministry spent Rs 40.8 crore. The cheques were distributed by the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, Pema Khandu. 29 out of 31 families received the sum of Rs 1.09 crore while the remaining two families got more than Rs 2 crore in their bank account.


Two Families Received More Than Rs 2 Crore

Bomja Village

One of the two families got Rs 2.4 crore while the other got Rs 6.7 crore.The Bomja Village has become the first village in India where each family is Crorepati.

After this, the village has become the center of discussion all over the world. The amount is enough for the villagers to start something new with this. It can be said that the fortune favored the villagers. What do you say about this? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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