All You Need To Know About The Anti-Satellite Technology And Its Uses

India Has Been Working On this Technology For Past 12 Years

Anti-Satellite Techniquevia

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation and told that India has achieved the anti-satellite technique. And with the help of it, they have destroyed a live satellite in the low orbit space. Titled as “Mission Shakti”, the operation was completed within a time span of just 3 minutes. This makes India the fourth country in the world to possess this technology. Let us know more about this anti-satellite technique.


Anti-Satellite Technique- A Nightmare For The Enemies

Anti-Satellite Technique

Before the success of this experiment, only China, Russia and America had this technology. And, facts suggest, this technology alone will play a decisive role during any war. Furthermore, retired expert of defense, U.S. Rathore said that this technology can create the blackout situation in the enemy territory.


What Is This Technology?

Anti-Satellite Technique

Anti-Satellite technology is not a new subject. It has been a matter of discussion and experiments for the past 69 years. The objective of the whole experiment and research process is to formulate a weapon that can destroy the enemy satellite in the space. This will cause the disruption of navigation and communication system in the country?


This is How It All Started

Anti-Satellite Technique

India found it interesting back when China started the anti-satellite experiments in 2007. China was too close to achieve perfection with it. The India research experts started their work right on and by the end of 2012, the whole world could see the efforts of Indian scientists and weapon experts. However, all the efforts were turned into a joke by them and they eventually ridiculed India for this.


A Remarkable Accomplishment

Anti-Satellite Technique

Fortunately, India is having the last laugh in that as in 2019, India mastered the technology, and still, it is not mentioned that which missile took down the satellite in the low orbit.

This is a moment of pride for every Indian as we are striding in the field of technology. What do you say? Tell us in the comments.

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