This 93 Year Old Lady’s Workout Will Make You Go Aww, Watch Video


Age has no limits and neither it can stop you from doing what you want. This 93-year-old woman has proved this and had the time of her life when she worked out with her personal trainer and the video is melting everyone’s hearts.   In the given video, Elizabeth Zanin who is a personal trainer at Anytime Fitness in Pierre, South Dakota is instructing the aged woman to do some exercises while she is sitting on a chair. While the 90-year-old is unable to stop laughing in the entire session. Since posting the heartwarming video on Tuesday, it has already accumulated over six million views and counting with over 116,000 retweets and 336,000 likes.

93 year old doing workout

Posted by Elizabeth’s daughter, Joana Zanin, the video was captioned, ‘My mom trains this 93-year-old and it’s the cutest thing ever. Old lady’s laugh and her smile makes her look young.’ The video begins with the old lady sitting in a fold-able chair in the mid of a private room inside a gym while the song Ni Tu Ni Nadie by Moenia is playing in the backdrop.

93 year old doing workout iwill amke you go aww

See How The Session Began:

Elizabeth starts the session by asking the lady to march on the beat of the played song while she starts  laughing  and is not able to give a break through the whole video. The workout consisted of marching, lifting her arms up and down, sticking out each of her legs to the side and even shimmying her shoulders while the entire time the 93-year-old cannot stop laughing.

Elizabeth is her personal trainer

The older woman’s laugh is so contagious throughout the entire video because she can’t stop laughing at herself to do the moves and it’s amazing. Elizabeth tells the sweet lady to smile throughout the entire workout which is done to a fun upbeat song and once the elder woman smiles at herself, she immediately starts cracking up again. It is so adorable to look at this old lady who is not able to perform such intense exercises and perform whatever she is able to, chuckle about it and enjoy with it. At the end of the video when the workout is finally complete and the two ladies had a blast together, Elizabeth congratulates her on a job well done saying, ‘Give me five good job!’ and the older woman laughs herself into a fit before the video ends.

93 year old doing workout is so cute

The Video Was Loved By Everyone:

Since the video has gone viral with millions of views, people can’t stop sharing their thoughts. The gym where the session took place reposted the video with the caption, ‘Such a beautiful thing! ‘We love seeing the bond between our trainers and members. This video explains how to have fun while exercising is key to only happiness!’ Meanwhile, supermodel Kendall Jenner, 22, even posted the video again to her Twitter with the caption, ‘This is the best thing ever! Made my day.’ Other people were so obsessed with the sweet grandma, they couldn’t stop gushing about her. One person wrote, ‘We need to spread her joy and laughter’ while another user shared, ‘This has blessed my year.’

93 year old workout will make you go to the gym now

Someone also joked saying, ‘This lady is doing more of exercise than I do. And also this is the cutest video I’ve ever seen!’. And one lady gushed, ‘This has hit me right in the feels. Can she be my grandma please.’ People are seriously loving this adorable old lady. And the video is just the sweetest thing to see on the internet today. Watch her video below,

This video has won many hearts. Surely it has won yours too. So share the video and make their day just like yours. Will you believe if I say that a 102-year-old man doing zip lining? No, right. But there is a man who did zip lining and set up the world record too. Check out how he did that and get yourself motivated. Never give up.