A Man Competes In Skydiving At 88, Claims It Is His Fitness Secret

Man Competes in Skydiving at 88

Recently, a woman from Pune set a new record by skydiving in a saree. Extreme sports like skydiving are usually associated with young people. However, it’s not always the case. Ibrahim Kalesic, an 88-year-old competitor from Bosnia, is competing in skydiving fearlessly. It has often been suggested that you ignore your age if you want to try or achieve something. Age is merely a number. This living legend is a perfect example of this phrase.


88-Year-Old Man Competes In Skydiving

Skydiving Kalesic

In the footage, Kalesic jump from the plane by himself while fully dressed like a skydiver. He came down to the ground wearing his messy, life-saving parachute. He made his 1487th jump since starting to skydive in 1951. In his interview with a news organization, Kalesic also discussed his plans. For the next ten years, he stated, he wants to continue doing what he truly enjoys. Additionally, he stated that he intended to enter himself as the oldest skydiver into the Guinness World Records.

Ibrahim Kalesic Skydriver

Ibrahim Kalesic has led a life filled with crazy adventures. He stated that engaging in such activities provides him a sense of fulfillment and purpose in life. He also disclosed that he entered a skydiving competition at the age of 70. It took place in Bosnia’s western town of Bihac. He has a straightforward plan for staying fit at his age. He claims that parachuting is an extreme sport that demands focus. One needs to get enough sleep for this. To sleep soundly, people must also besuren that they haven’t hurt or offended anyone. At this point, a person may be able to sleep without nightmares.


More About Ibrahim Kalesic

Ibrahim Kalesic

Before becoming a jumping coach himself, Kalesic received instruction at a flying school in Serbia when he was a young man. He broke a Yugoslav record in 1963 by jumping out of a plane at 5,500 meters. Last month, Kalesic performed 21 jumps in just five days. It happened during a tournament in the town of Prijedor in the northwest. He can borrow a parachute from the Prijedor aeroclub as long as his health certificate is valid. The two parachutes he most desires are his own and one to use in instructing young jumpers.

The video quickly gets thousands of views and likes on the internet. The comment section was full of feedback from other internet users. One user advised that it is just one life, so make sure you live it to the fullest. Another person makes a mocking comparison between himself and the skydiver. He claimed that the elderly man enjoyed his dreams while simply moping around on the bed. India also offers a wide range of adventure sports. Apart from skydiving, there are several other adventure sports that adventure lovers might enjoy.

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